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The Counselor’s Corner provides you with industry updates and information you need to make smart, informed business decisions. Get real-time breaking news on industry updates, current trends, resources, website links to funders, on time webinar presentations by industry experts, and fresh video content – all accessible 24/7 and much more, all in one location.

FREE Webinars

  • High impact training – no cost for travel and lodging and no time away from the office
  • Continuing Education Hours (CEH) for each webinar attended
  • Up to date information on regulatory changes and industry updates
  • Nationally recognized trainers in the housing counseling industry

FREE Educational Videos

  • Access to the CFPB’s “Your Money, Your Goals” financial empowerment toolkit
  • Video on how to lead your own workshop
  • Recorded webinars about the material and methodologies and how to use them during training

FREE Tutorials

  • Learn at your own pace with self directed tutorials
  • Timely topics under the categories of Home Buying, Rebuilding Credit and Recovery After Foreclosure
  • 25 different tutorials running between three and 11 minutes each – just the right size for a refresher

FREE Tools and Information

  • Locate grant opportunities to sustain your organization
  • Get Counseling Tools to improve your skills
  • Access helpful links to offer your clients higher quality services
  • Learn about financial capability and implementation tools


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