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Welcome to our series of tutorials focusing on the topic of Credit.

To maximize the benefit of taking these tutorials, please note the following:

  • Close other applications when starting a tutorial to save systems resources for optimal viewing.
  • Turn up the volume on your computer and on the slide in the tutorial using the speaker button.
  • If you cannot hear narration on some screens, click the browser’s refresh button or clear the browser’s cache.
  • Use the play/pause button at the bottom of the page to suit your needs.
  • Click on the title in the Menu on the left pane to go to that slide.
  • Do not click on a quiz unless you are ready to take it as you will not be able to proceed.
  • Click Submit, Continue and Finish as necessary to proceed through the quizzes.
  • To repeat a slide, click on the counterclockwise circle to the left of the Prev button.
  • Click on Notes on the left pane to see the talking points.
  • Click on Glossary, if available, on the left pane to see definitions.
  • Advance or go back in the tutorial utilizing the Prev/Next buttons on the bottom right side.
  • Click on the Resources label in the upper right-hand corner for more information.
  • To view tutorials on your iPad, you will need the Articulate app: Download from the App Store Here

Tutorial Library:

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